09 - Customizing Homepages

over 2 years agoFebruary 22, 2018
How do I convert from old home page to new?
about 2 years agoApril 10, 2018
I've seen this video linked many times on the topic of converting an old home page to a new one.  I'm not seeing anything in this video that helps on the topic of converting.
about 2 years agoApril 25, 2018
Convert?  I see nothing that allows us to convert only create a new one from scratch.  Am i  missing something?
Conversion Button
about 2 years agoJuly 9, 2018
On the pages list, there is a button on the right for each home page (between the deletion/copy buttons)that will convert an old home page to a new home page.

The button makes a copy of the page in the new format. Unfortunately you'll then still need to go through and assign that converted page to the roles using the old page.
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